Holly's solo album was released on April 26th/19 and the reviews are coming in. Here's a link to one of the first.https://chameleonfire1.wordpress.com/2019/04/29/holly-hyatt-releases-solo-album-wild-heart/

Holly will be touring and doing some shows in support of Wild Heart. For info on the album and tour schedule go to https://www.hollyhyatt.com/

Previous events


Holly Hyatt Acoustic Trio

Langham Theatre, Kaslo, BC

Holly Hyatt Trio performs in an acoustic setting for the Langham Theatre Guest Artist Series, playing songs from Holly's latest release "Wild Heart"

Holly and Jon: 1929: The Summit Sessions

what they're sayin' about Shufflin' the blues

"Fresh and exciting. One of the best releases of the year". WITR Radio, NY, USA 

"One of the most original and vibrant surprises of 2016"  Gio Pilato Bluebird Reviews, UK 

"Tasty, old school, college coffee house stuff with feel and verve that avoids all the folk duo cliches and bowls you over with heart. It's charming simplicity is a lesson that all comers could learn from. Hot stuff!" Mid West Record, USA 

"This is another one of those gems, unprecedented. What they are presenting is quite simply, phenomenal. Each song is clearly more than just a tribute to the rich history of Chicago blues. Holly and Jon are superb musicians. Buy this grand jewel for as long as it is still available!" Keys and Chords, Belgium 

"Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden hit on a winning formula with exactly what a live set should be. Shufflin' The Blues combines sweet originals with hip covers performed by two very special musicians par excellence!"  Nashville Blues Society, USA 

"A spine tingling tribute to Chicago blues. This is a thing of intimate and infinite beauty. Laid back and exciting at the same time. A damn sweet disc". The Rock Doctor (Gonzookanagan), BC, Canada 
"Hyatt and Burden's 'Shufflin' The Blues' is a down    home good time".  The Classical Arts, New York, NY 

"I could wax lyrical about every track on this diamond of an album; such is the quality from everyone concerned in its production. If you only buy one album in October, make it this one! You will never regret that purchase, and this copy is going straight into my car". Blues Matters, Britain

"Hyatt’s versatile vocals and Burden’s guitar go together like peas and carrots, and her bass playing is standout as well. An album like Shufflin’ The Blues sneaks up on you with repeated listens……you find something else you like with each subsequent listen.  This is an album that is both timeless and charming and is recommended to blues lovers".  Graham Clark, Blues Bytes, USA

"Jon Burden’s guitar work on Shufflin’ The Blues is always intelligent and full of deep feeling. He continually takes a “less is more” approach on his instrument that is richly satisfying. The songs on the album are musically and thematically caught in a time warp that takes the audience back to simpler times with their blues variations. Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden dig deep into that rich blues soil and harvest a bounty that is sure to please on Shufflin’ The Blues
Vivascene, Vancouver, Canada

  "This is an incredible piece of work, powerful and passionate while providing both the heavy-handed and the delightfully delicate touches that give the album its dynamic diversity.This is destined to join the ranks of those classic albums from which the covers were drawn.  Superb musicianship, vocals that flow well with the genre and a deep knowledge and love for the blues help to give this album warmth as well as the feeling that we are standing in the presence of true greatness". Chicken Wilson Blues Blog, USA

"This is classic blues, all down the line. Jon gets his guitar tone exactly right and there’s a sweet fatness to his tone. Holly’s bass work is the engine of the duo’s rhythm section, but where she really shines is in her interpretations of old standards. As if born to the blues, she nails it every time. Resonant, rich and deeply expressive, Holly’s vocals propel these songs to another level".  Sean Arthur Joyce, Canada

"This is a lovely, old school release. No frills, just the blues good and proper. This is indeed a mighty fine, nicely unpretentious blues set"

Norman Darwen, Flyingshoes Review, Scotland

"Burden plays remarkably, he has quite a load to carry and does it well. Holly Hyatt writes very good songs in the traditional style. The first of these is “Let’s Boogie”, an attractive dance piece. “Lowdown Blues” is a more ambitious song, co-written with Burden, with plenty of room for her wide-ranging and expressive voice". John Valenteyn, Toronto Blues Society

"It is a tribute to the quality of Hyatt's original songwriting that it is completely of a piece with the covers. Everything sounds like it came from the same deep well of experience. These guys are not fooling around. They are authentically linked to the music they espouse".  R Doul, BC Musicians Magazine